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Who knows me completely?

I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me..
[John 10:14]

I know that there would had been a situation in life when we would have asked this question to ourselves... Who knows me? Who knows me, this is a important question for us, because of the way we link us to this world and people who stay around us. We value us by the people who knows us. If i have more people knowing me we feel proud.

In this world, we feel we have an existence if we have a value in others eyes. We usually map ourselves and our value based on what others think and talk about us, or who all knows and loves us. There is nothing wrong in this attitude, if we take our life as our life and other people around us as a valuable asset whose views and response can change our attitude. We had been born in this attitude from birth. To a large extent what we see around us make us how we think and act now. During all these times we tend to loose our actual and genuine value, which has to be not seen from the eyes of people around us or our friends, or our families, but from the eyes of the one who had created us.

He who belongs to God hears him...

He who belongs to God hears what God says...
[John 8:47 (NIV)]

This is a very interesting verse, and there are two words in this that took my attention which are "belong" and "hear". I needed to know what does these words have in relation, I believe this will help explains the entire meaning of this verse in context.

"Belong"... this is a very simple English which we use very often in our conversation to highlight what is ours, or to whom does a particular thing links to.... for example.. This pen belongs to me.. or That car belongs to James... When we attach the word "belongs" to any object in picture, it gets a particular value based on to who its linked to... Another example which will help understand this word more clearly is..