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Way of the Sin is Darkness

Darkness... a thought of this will make us run for finding some source of light. Have you ever walked on a path pr road which is totally dark. I assume the answer would be YES.. for many of us. Darkness symbolizes or can be related to human emotions like fear, agony, suffering and pain. One common aspect among all these is that none of this is a good act or emotion to be experienced in life. We will never want any of these to me attached to our lives. Darkness is not liked by any, and this is one thing that we always try to take off.

But the way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble.
[Proverbs 4:19]

Darkness comes when the source of light goes.. this is not a new information for anyone, but yet a strong and powerful thought to be understood, and compared to similar instance in our life, when our lives go through dark or darkness phase. How or why does light go from a place, which make darkness cover the area... ? One reason is manually knowingly taking off light, and other scenario is when light goes without us knowing possibly through some external involvement. Whatever is the case, one thing is sure that with light gone, darkness will certainly come in our life, both physically and spiritually. 

Sacrifice... Loosing something precious from us

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.
[Romans 12:1]

Sacrifice is to loose something that we keep as one of our precious possessions  and no one will ever think of loosing any such ever in life. We keep such thing in the most safest place to keep it away from others who may steal it or destroy it. How do you feel when some one asks for such a possession to be given out. One example is, in our current world we keep money as the most precious possession and we tend to spend that only for us, and when someone comes asking for money we come up with all possible excuses and avoid giving it out. Sacrifice is not just giving out for the sake of giving or to show others, it beneficial if this is our wish from the inmost place in us and with the hope and prayer that it might be useful for others, and over all that should be with the love that you have for others who is going to receive it. 

Became One Among Us... to show us the way

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us...
[John 1:14]

Long back I had heard a story of a boy and his friends and this boy was very passionate about these friend. We would be wondering what is so special about this friend. You will understand when you will know that these friends were ANTS. Yes ants were his friends. He had no other friends apart from these ants, also he never played any other games apart from keeping watch on these ants when ever he is free. As soon as he come from school he would go to his behind his house where these ants stayed. One interesting thing he noticed in these ants were that they use to always go in line, and he would map in to the people who would go at all ways never in a line. These ants use to help each other, doesn't matter what they know each other they were all together. One day the boy saw that these ants were moving to a big pool of water. He realized that the ants (his friends) will soon go and die.He wanted to save them but did not knew how he can save them. He started shouting, which did not work. 

I Bring you Good News of Great Joy

Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.
[Luke 2:10]

The context of this verse is that of the message of the birth of Jesus Christ, conveyed by the angels. Two thing to see in this verse.. first that it was a Good News and second that it was of a Great Joy for All the people. We all can understand what is a good news and the joy that a good news brings to our life. We had been going to churches and listening similar message from our pastors and missionaries about the birth of Jesus every year, and that he came for us.. this is a common context taken up around the Christmas celebration. During all these have you felt any part of the Great Joy that accompanies this Good News. We human being usually feel happy and have joy when we understand the Good News. 

We know that the birth of Jesus was a Good News, but have ever understood the relevance of that Good News in our life, if we have not then we will not be able to experience the joy that comes with this news. We have to believe and understand the purpose of Christmas and then help others know the same, so that we all be part of the joy and enjoyment happening around Christmas.