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Which, Who and Whats of Bible... Series 1

Que:  Whose handkerchiefs were able to heal the sick?
Ans:  Paul (Acts 19:12)

Que:  How did Daniel react to the vision by the river Hiddekel?
Ans:  He felt ill and weak (Dan 10:8)

Que:  Who does James say is the “source of every good and every perfect gift”?
Ans:  Father of Lights (Jam 1:17)

Que:  Who was the Persian king when the rebuilding of the temple after the exile was finally complete?
Ans:  Darius (Ezr 6:15)

Human anger does not produce the righteousness of God - Book of James Series 9

Wrath or anger had always been the cause of destruction and problem. Let it be a family, office, friends, relations, partners, community, country everywhere this emotion had only brought problems. Anger has two aspects, one of it is the anger against wrong where we energize and revolt to make sure we destroy the cause of the issues. This could be a small problem or misunderstanding in our lives, or something going wrong against someone. This is called Human Anger.Here the anger is taken through a controlled phase where we find the issue, but the sad part is that this is usually not the kind of anger see around. The kind of emotion that we see accompanies immoral words, fight... moving into more severe scenarios causing damage to property and life.

For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. [James 1:20]

Every good gift is from God above - Book of James Series 8

Gifts, if we arrange a party or a gathering to celebrate an achievement, we tend to receive gifts as a token of appreciation and a way to make us aware that people coming are part of the celebration. Gifts we all like, and with gifts we always expect to receive a good gifts. No one will ever expect a bad or a dangerous gift, its better not to receive any gift instead. Secondly we can see a pattern in us with respect to gifts. 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. [James 1:17]

We give gift based on the person and their life and family status. Based on the details, the gift and its value gets changed. This is not a unique but a general trend across everyone.As we give and take gifts there is one special person whom we tend to forget. He had been there from the start of the world and had been giving our gits and blessing to everyone. Sometimes we acknowledge and other time we forget, or we at times take it for granted, and hence no appreciation back. Many of the gifts that we receive from him are unexpected and not every time accompanies a physical reference.

Heritage from the Lord

Heritage… we all have one attached with us in our life which is usually what we inherit from our father, and he from his father. This heritage is something we receive and enjoy only after there is a written concern prepared from our Father to us. We receive our share of heritage based on our relationship and behavior with our parents. Let’s see about one similar heritage that has been provided to us. How can we receive it and how should we take care of this heritage. The source of this heritage is from our Heavenly Father, who had provided this heritage to all of us. It how we receive and accept this makes the difference. To prove this and to see what this heritage is, let’s see a verse from Bible:

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. [Psalm 127:3]

As the word of God says, children are the heritage from Lord, and it’s the reward which women receive. Rewards are always precious especially when it’s from our heavenly father, who had created all of us. For a woman, motherhood is undoubtedly the most precious blessings that a woman can ever receive in her life.