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Be Joyful during Trials - Book of James Series 3

This verse is talking about temptation and trials that come across our lives and how bible tells us through this verse to have an attitude to overcome this situation is important to be see and observed. Three significant words can be taken from this verse... which are joyful or joy, encounter of face and various or many. If we try to read this in a more simple language it can be read as... "We will experience and encounter, many trials and temptations in our life, and during all these times when we are facing such trials and temptation we should have a joyful attitude and face it boldly and happily." The first obvious question that we will ask is how can one be happy and joyful when he is facing trials and temptations. The answer to it is the easy as same as we ask this question. Its just that we don't want to accept the fact, of it being so simple. Let me explain you these details which can help you know how can you be happy in your trials.

Consider it wholly joyful, my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations.
[James 1:2]

Let's first see what we usually do when we are in a situation of trial. We take all our effort and knowledge to plan our way out. This can be either a good and sincere way or may be a incorrect or immoral way, just to make sure we come out those trials at the earliest.
We consider ourselves to be the supreme and those with authority over us and our life. But during all these times we tend to forget the fact that we came to this world not by ourselves but by the wish of our heavenly father. He is the one who had given life and has authority over all of us. He is equally able to take us off from our problems.

Our creator has all those he needs to take care of us. We because of our thinking tend to take God as granted and ignore his power and ability. Since we don't see him or feel his presence we tend to ignore his abilities. Instead of we planning if we allow our heart to be aligned to the plans of our heavenly father, we can be sure to win the situation and easily out of any kind of trials. Changing our heart and aligning it to our creators plan can take off half the effort required to keep us safe and happy...

Whats the other half... its again changing out mindset and align it to map it to Fathers thought. We should know him, who he is and how he thinks and plans for us. God our heavenly father is a good God. He is a loving God, he only has good plans for us. He sacrificed his son for us to make sure we are safe and get a way to salvation  This much he loved us and is still loving us. All these had been told to make you understand that the God that we have can never think bad for us, or harm us. With the death of Jesus Christ (Only begotten son of Heavenly Father), he had taken all our pains and suffering.

We because of the life and knowledge around us think that the problems and trials around us are from God, to make us go out from our immoral and incorrect way, and start calling God for help. Trials are a way God help us to realize that we are wrong in our ways... Its a way to make us disciplined. When we start believing and following God, we get trials and this comes from God. Hence we have to start asking pardon for our sins and ask God to relieve us from the trials. All these thought only make God the cause and designer of the trials and our sufferings. Let me ask.. with this thought in-build into us by our elders and people around us, do you ever realized where Devil is or can we expect him to be anywhere around our trials and suffering.. No... with this thought we will also make God the creator and Devil is nowhere in picture... But the actual fact is that God is only the creator and maker of Good not bad. Bad in any form if to be considered ONLY from Devil. He make the scenario especially around our tough times and which people interpret as from God to discipline us. If we suffer we become discipline.. that's never a fact. In tough times we will certainly realize God as our comforter and savior but if we take him also as the source of trials and temptation then the faith with which we ask and receive will be less. 

On the other side if we start believing problems, trials, temptation ... basically BAD in any form or way or scenario is from Devil, then the faith with which we call and receive from God our Father will be strong and hence the revelation of it in our life and over the trials and temptation will be soon visible.  With the though-set made by people around us, we will never build our faith, but the Devil will always win. This mindset of knowing God as a good God and the source for only good things in our life, will help us achieve the other half of the effort to be happy and safe.

Do we want Devil or God to win..? The standard and obvious answer will be God. Lets see God as the source of good, and not of trials and temptations, and that he has the authority over all that around us and has all the plans and ideas to keep us safe. Lets not waste our effort to change and fight the trials but lets take God as the source of power and energy to fight it down. Once we have set our mind to these thoughts we are sure to be always happy... The more we are happy and make our dependence on God, we are sure to defeat Devil always... So the next time you face trials, think of it as from Devil and start building your faith on God who can change any situation for good. This will eventually make us happy and joyful even when we are in the midst of trials and temptations.

Lord is Grace...

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