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Who was Joseph?

There are two individuals in bible who have this name... "Joseph". One in the Old Testament and the next in the New Testament. Both these individuals are well know to those who had ever read or heard from the bible. In this post I will be highlighting more about the Joseph in the New Testament. This is not much preached about in the church sermon or public preachings. The first reference of this person in Bible can be found in Matthew 1:16.

"Jacob the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, Who is called the Christ. (the Messiah, the Anointed)"

How powerful is this text "Joseph... of whom was born Jesus". 

How often are fathers now, being praised or glorified because of their children. It was a blessing that Joseph received and I would say what a GREAT BLESSING. He got the opportunity to be called Father of our Christ and Savior.

We all know who is the actual Father of Christ Jesus, but if you remember, when we teach our children "Who are the parents of Jesus ?". The answer we teach and expect from them is Joseph and Mary. Even though Joseph was not the physical Father of Jesus yet he is given a similar privilege.

Father and Mother for children are very precious and vice a verse. Each child born to us is to be taken as the BLESSING from God, and more than that we have to consider ourselves privileged for receiving that BLESSING from our Father GOD. We have to take care of our children and make sure we see ourselves as just the stewards of these blessing. We should make sure that they are always safe, and healthy and given a good teaching and example in life.

Any BLESSING if not destroyed will certainly get back with more BLESSINGS. Our response towards our children should be with LOVE and GRACE as our Father GOD has for us as individuals, with the sole motive to be blessing the BLESSING we received.

We should aim in life to be called Father... of whom was born our children (BLESSINGS from GOD).

Lord is Grace...

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