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Who knows God?

This is a very important question we should ask to ourselves. Who knows God? 

Because if you know who knows God, then its easy to get to that person and him to introduce you to God, and start building a relationship. We had seen this in our daily life also, when we want to approach a person, with whom we would need some favor. If that person is not know to us we find a person close to us who knows him, and then approach him and ask him to get us to the main person whose help we actually require. Once we are introduced to this person. Next time probably someone close to you may approach you to have them introduced to this main person with whom you had recently started building the relationship.

Our christian life is a similar scenario where we have ourselves and God.
We know that God is the source of all Good thing and it would happen that we don't know him personally. so what would be the best option... It would be to approach someone who knows God personally, then take his help and know how you can approach God and know him personally. This person could be one of your family members, friends, pastor in your or a nearby church, a missionary etc.. approach them with an open heart to accept and receive God.

Looking out for people who know God, and then taking his guidance to know God... Is there any other way to get to know God by ourselves..
Yes.. there is yet another way to know God. Its through the word of God (The Bible). I personally prefer this method, as what the Bible says is what my God says directly to me. What good way to know God than directly from him. i always say that the Bible is a book for those who just want to read for the sake of reading and finish it. There are many who would have read the entire Bible multiple time, but never experienced God. Memorizing verses and section of chapters is not understanding Bible. For those who want to know God and experience him in their personal life, this book is a living entity. This speaks life and healing, gives guidance on how to lead life, tells about God and his Son, how they lived and how they saved us from our sins and how Jesus Christ by dying for us, became our redeemer and the source of our salvation. Start reading this with an approach to know God.

Bible says... in John 1:14
"the Word (Christ) became flesh (human, incarnate) and tabernacled (fixed His tent of flesh, lived awhile) among us;"

This word that we have in the form of Bible is the one that is actually Christ himself in our midst.

Take the option which suits you the best and start knowing God personally. Hope this message will help motivate all who know God personally to get him introduced to all those near to you, and those who want to know GOD, start looking for a individual who can help you know God, and then once you start experiencing God in your life, start spreading his name and introducing him to others. Meditate on the word of God daily with a sincere effort to experience god and his blessing in your personal life. We should eventually become bold and confident to proclaim to everyone... that "I know God"...

Lord is Grace...

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