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Significance of the birth of Baby Jesus

Jesus Christ KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, our Redeemer and Savior who gave us a new life through his sacrifice and made a way to salvation, was born as a normal baby to a very normal family (Joseph the carpenter and his wife Mary). 
Birth of Christ as a baby was taken as a very normal news around Joseph and Mary. I assume that it would be very similar to a baby being born for us in our family. We all receive that child with happiness but other take it as another birth of child to the world.

What we should see here is that Lord came and lived a life very similar to us. In his childhood, even though not much mentioned in the Bible but its easy to picture a family with a child growing, what all they faced would be similar to what we have to face with our child now. Dressing, food, play and other normal daily activities, very similar to us. In-fact I believe there was no difference between him and us in life, except for the difference that he knew the purpose of his visit to the world.

He came as one of us, but showed through his life that we who are made in his image should also live the life as he lived in his time. His qualities, nature and  habits we have to replicate all to our life. We can be like him if we believe and have the faith on Lord. Born as a child, lived as a man, but followed his Fathers commandments and obeyed it without any remarks. He trusted his Father completely. His communication with his Father was very strong. He use to pray as if he is talking to Father directly face to face.

Lord though his birth and life wanted to show us that we also can live the life he lived. He is there to bless and guide us. He listens to our prayers. Start talk to Lord as he was talking to his Father, and ask the purpose of our life in this world, and also ask that he gives us the strength and wisdom to live for that purpose. I pray that let this life be a blessing for us and others.
Lord is Grace...

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