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Message from our Lord Jesus Christ

Dear All,

Christmas is going to come soon and you all would have by now started planning on how to celebrate this Christmas, which as you all know my birthday. Some of you as you are reading this message would have already started the house cleaning and decorating it and the tree. Some of you also would have already invited guests to home or planned on what to be served to guest who would come to home around the celebration. There would be family gathering at this time, which for some families would be like a big get together to know families and the blessing they all received.

Some of you would have already planned and written down the names of the guest who would be invited to home for the celebration. Along with this you all would also have planned how to and what to serve them. As a fact we only expect our guests, gifts, Santa Clause and the carol team to visit us. We make replica of manger, decorate Christmas tree... all these well planned, which is very good... 
but among all these don't you feel you have forgotten to invite the main person without which this celebration is of no significance.

How do you visualize a birthday celebration without the birthday boy... not possible. So in the same why how to you all expect a Christmas without me. People now a day are busy in their busy life and which leads to forgetting me. For you all Christmas is just a celebration where people meet, have food , drink, pass some comments, party and back home sleep. There is no visibility of me or my presence in any of these.

You should all understand the person without which this celebration cannot be celebration. Make Lord your first guest not just for the celebration but into your life, so that every day of your life is a celebration. Let this coming celebration be special one for you and for others who will join you.

Let the guests be introduced to the person whose birthday is celebrated during Christmas. Don't just invite people whom you know, but invite people who want to know me and my life. Celebrate with them the real Christmas and share the love that I had shown to each and every one of you.

Invite me to your life now and let your life and others who see you also experience me through you. I am waiting for your call and to be part of the celebration this time...

Merry Christmas to everyone...

Loving and gracious...
Jesus Christ

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