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Love for God is the Beginning of Knowledge

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge..
[Proverbs 1:7]

What is Fear?
The very simple and common interpretation of this verse is that our Lord is very angry if we do wrong, and if we do wrong then he will punish us. So we should fear this Lord. We should live life with this fear always in our mind. A basic and simple question from our normal life... If i ask you to obey and worship me and if you don't, i will harm you and possibly destroy you... What will be your response...there is no doubt that you will look for option to avoid me and possibly never ever even think of meeting or interacting with me. Then how do you expect we human beings to obey and worship our Lord God if we fear him. We as nature only can follow and worship whom we love and who loves us. This is what is meant in this verse under context.

Fear is not what we all understand as very cruel or threatening approach. The correct word to interpret the word "fear" is reverence. Reverence means respect or worship. So the correct way to read this verse is "The respect of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.." Reverence has nothing to do with fear or threat or being cruel.. its full of love.

Our God is a loving God and that is what he also expect in return. Lord our God cannot make anyone harm, as if that was the case then why did he send his only son to this world of sin and sacrificed him to save us. He could have taken a different way... but NO. New Testament completely talk of this loving God and his great plans for us which has been given to us just because of his love and grace. So next time you read this verse understand the right interpretation of the word FEAR in context.

Now next.. What is Knowledge..?
Dictionary meaning is the awareness or understanding of something... So what is this awareness or understanding and about what?
The knowledge refereed here is the knowledge of God, Christ, his purpose, who we are, what is the plan of God for us, how can we be saved etc.. These are true knowledge which need to be attained, which can only be attained if we start loving our Lord and not fearing him.

So now if we link answers for both the questions, we can say that :
The LOVE of the Lord, is the beginning of knowledge of God, Christ, his plan and ourselves in line with Gods plan.

How wonderful to have this knowledge, but this we cannot obtain with our current mindset. We have to start loving our Lord, and accept him as our only Savior. We have to practice love everywhere in our home, at our work place, outside on road etc... We have to have a clean heart and with only a clean heart can we accept Lord. I pray that we start loving Lord and not fearing him, and by this we all start realizing the real knowledge which can change the way we see and live life..

Lord is Grace...

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