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Jesus Christ's Mission

Every person has some mission in his/her life and its good to have a mission in life. If we don't have one now.. make sure we get one soon, else this life will only go in waste. Mission is also part of the profile of any new company or organization, which define why is the group there in existence. Actually any thing existing in this world is with a mission, knowingly or unknowingly.

I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).
[John 10:10]

Same was the scenario with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He had come to this world, died and risen after 3 days... all these with a very specific mission. It was to save us from the punishment of our sins, and show us the way of salvation, to help us get eternal life.

As the verse in context, "I came that they may have and enjoy life". Does anyone in you life or any reference you remember where a similar reference had been made fro someone. Had anyone in your life ever came to give you life and option to enjoy that life... I would say NO. It cant be because life can only be given by Lord and not by any other person or individual.

If we read further, this life that had been given to us by Lord and not a random simple life, but a life in its abundance, which means to the full till it overflows as the verse says. Do you know what does it means by full and overflow. I know i don't have to explain all these to anyone. But can we relate those concept to the life given by Lord. The life that he had given to us is full and with overflowing blessing. This includes all that we would need in our life time had already been provided, on the contrary he had given more than what we can absorb, which is said its overflowing.

If we start filling our glass with water or juice and the moment it starts overflowing we normally move it to a new vessel near to it. So the abundance of water is not wasted but passed on. So why don't we also have a similar way of life pattern where we pass on to other the overflowing blessing that we have. Share your love and knowledge of Lord to others near you. Let them also be able to feel the richness of that life which flows through you to them. When they get the taste of the new and abundant life, I am very sure that they will call out for the Lord, and I don't know if you realize but our Lord God, is all ready to start pouring life and blessing abundantly to those who ask in faith.

Lets pray and receive this life from our Lord and let the mission that Lord had be replicated by each one of us and pass on the overflow of life and blessing to others.

If you would like to receive Lord Jesus as your personal Savior, please check the Salvation Prayer page in this blog. It will help you pray to receive Jesus as your personal savior.

Lord is Grace...

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