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Highway of the upright wil avoids evil

The highway of the upright avoids evil...
[Proverbs 16:17]

What is a highway? To us highway is a road that help us travel from cities or states. Basically the highway help us reach from one place to other and that is the main road with much security and facilities than the short side roads. Condition of the roads will be well maintained on a highway. Unless we miss to follow the rules of the highway, there is no chance that we miss the road.

When we go on a highway we tend to have a destination in plan, and in the same way an upright (honest) person when takes a highway with a specific destination to be reached, there are less chance that he will handover to any evil. When we move on a highway, problem may come around us, but what we do is to clear it as soon as possible and be back on our highway to the destination.

If we read the verse correctly it say the highway of the upright, so there can be also a highway of the not upright. There should be no confusion that the quality of this highway will be exact opposite of what we had read in the verse within the context of the blog. This highway will not avoid but attract evil. Evil and devils work is always around the person who had decided something, and especially if that decision make that person go away from devil, then he will do anything to make our faith go down and start moving out of our highway. If we give to the devil then then getting back to the highway will be tough.

One more quality of the highway is that what we had seen on the way soon disappears at our back, and there comes a time when it totally becomes invisible. Such should our response and attitude for the evil in our life. If we had faced any wrong experience or evil scenario, what we have to do is to keep our focus on the highway and the destination. Slowly we can see the evil work and the pain and suffering that we had faced slowly gets invisible. So the highway of the upright will be full of grace and blessing from our Lord which will give us to keep ourselves away from any evil and if anything passes us, we should have the faith that it will soon disappear and new things will come in our presence.

Be upright (honest) and pray that we choose the correct highway and ask Lord to give us the strength and faith to be fixed on that road and to fall for any evil act or emotions. Lord helps those who call for him. Accept him to your life and decide the highway..

Let Lord guide you through the highway..

Lord is Grace...

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