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He who belongs to God hears him...

He who belongs to God hears what God says...
[John 8:47 (NIV)]

This is a very interesting verse, and there are two words in this that took my attention which are "belong" and "hear". I needed to know what does these words have in relation, I believe this will help explains the entire meaning of this verse in context.

"Belong"... this is a very simple English which we use very often in our conversation to highlight what is ours, or to whom does a particular thing links to.... for example.. This pen belongs to me.. or That car belongs to James... When we attach the word "belongs" to any object in picture, it gets a particular value based on to who its linked to... Another example which will help understand this word more clearly is..

This book belongs to the President. That book belongs to me... Here there are two book (same object) but the one linked with the President has higher value that the one thats linked to me.

Now lets understand the next word "Hear". If we see the Hebrew context of this word, it means "to obey" ("to understand" as per NIV version).

Now if we read the verse in context with these new meanings it will help us understand the relation and the purpose.

He (not a particular individual, but anyone) who belongs (linked to) God, hears (understand, obey) what God says.. [John 8:47]

So if we are of God, or if God is our owner, or if we are under the possession and authority of God and if we believe this, then it will be very easy to get the next section of verse which is to obey him.

Another very common scenario, if I start giving instruction and orders to my neighbors kids, there are chances that they may not hear (obey) to me as they would hear (obey) their parents. This is because of the fact that they belong to their parents and not to me. The main aspect of this is that those kids are also aware of this fact as to whom does they belong to and whom should they hear (obey).

Start believing and having the mind that we belong to our heavenly father, which will automatically lead us to have the heart to hear (obey) what he say...

Lord is Grace...

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