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He Calls His Own.. and they Follow

The watchman opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.
[John 10:3-4]

When our parents call we respond immediately and reach them if we are far at that moment. If my friends call our for a gathering at home, we make sure to be there at the gathering time. When people who know us call us aloud in the midst of a gathering we usually tend to recognize that voice and will follow to that place. It does not matter where the call is from, if we make to that place or individual... we finally tend to get mingled with them and the their environment. This is very common for us as we know this world and its rules and scenarios.
The verse in reference for this blog is... He calls his own sheep by name (John 10:3)

Here we see a scenario between a Shepard and his sheep. Shepherds usually have a tendency to identify their sheep individually among the entire lot of sheep. This is because of the love and care of the shepherd towards his sheep.

How will you feel if someone calls you by your name... We will feel happy.. no doubt. Call us by name makes us feel more happy and attached to that person than calling us by some action or other sound. If I want to call one of my friend from the gathering, i will call him by name. One reason for this is because i have an affection and feel attached to that friend. Same way when sheep are called by name they know exactly who is being called by the Shepard.

Calling is one thing and following is other. Unless these come together the interaction does not proceed further. If I call someone and that person does not tend to respond to my call due to some reason (knowingly or unknowingly), then there is a chance of the link between them getting loosen. Responding to the right call at the right time is very important, and we only follow the call if we know the person calling and that we trust them. Trust comes through love. So if we love our caller and hence we trust them, we will respond to his/her call at any moment of time.

Same way, when the Shepherd calls his sheep, they start following his voice. Here in this scenario Shepherd is Christ Jesus and we are his sheep. So if we now link all these, we can interpret as, when our Christ Jesus (Shepherd) call us (Sheep) by our name, we have to respond to that call immediately and follow Christ where he go or wants us to go. Christ Jesus's call can be accompanied by some instruction, so with us following the call we have to be trusting him and ready to follow the instruction which may come with the call.

I pray that we identify this call from our Lord Jesus and have the heart and mind to follow them immediately and sincerely dedicate us to his call and instruction.

Praise the Lord

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  1. It is indeed very nice to share thoughts based on experience gained or lives observed.

    God bless this and pray it be a blessing to many.