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Do you believe in Miracles?

Miracle as defined in the dictionaries is "A surprising and welcome event that is not understood by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine."

If we recollect the miracles performed by our Lord, those were all beyond the understanding of the people at that time. Nobody will have every expected the plain ordinary water to change to wine, making the crowd of 5000+ with 5 loaf of bread and 2 fish. Nobody will ever believe that someone can walk through water and control nature through his words... All these happened not in a span of time, but it was a immediate. This was done by no one else, but by the Lord who made us and given life into us. This is the same Lord who has provided all that we have now. None of those that we claim to posses is ours, but that provided by him to us.

The way this world was made is also a miracle, actually the first miracles. If we read Genesis, is says that God our Father said and thing came up immediately.
And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. [Genesis 1: 3]
And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. [Genesis 1:9]

Miracle can be of two category, one linked to people or human beings and the other linked to nature. Praying for rain and receiving it in a place where there had been no rain for years and that also in a time when no one ever can expect a rain, is a Miracle. Expecting a person blind from birth, or a lame or dumb person getting healed is a miracle as these cannot be healed miraculously. People struck with deadly disease, on the bed of death, coming up totally healed is a Miracle. 

If some one has cancer, then the next thing he or his friends and relatives do is to take him to the best possible hospital and give the best and costly medication. In this mean time if the doctor reveals that this person is not going to live for long, then there ends the scope of us believing him to live or come out of  the cancer. We stopped believing in miracles. We are very carnal in mind and our decision and thought are based on these carnal thing around us, and around this mindset, its little tough to believe a miracle to happen.

We usually don't believe in miracles in our normal daily life. We believe its either our effort or the effort of some who we know, that we see thing moving ands changing. We have stopped believing in the source of these miracles. Its not medicines, doctors, or the latest technology to read and control nature and environments but its Lord who is and will be the source of life and everything around.

For a miracle to come pass us, we have to first of all believe in Lord and that he is a living and loving Lord. Second when we pray we should believe that what we ask in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Finally what we ask will happen as per the faith which which we ask and believe that it will happen. Miracle are happening around us  even now as you read this message, its just that we have stopped believing and  hence we see them as a normal activity or an activity because of some decision made by the people around it.

In this Christmas let us start believing in miracles and since miracles are considered to be divine, lets take our Lord Jesus who was born for us to be the source of the energy and grace required to visualize these miracles. Let our life be transformed, as that itself will be a miracle to change our stubborn and hard heart  to be softened to follow our Lord, whom we have never seen and to believe he will do many miracles in our life. Let these miracles that will be happening in our lives, be a testimony that Lord lives and works in me and through me.

Lord is Grace...

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