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Became One Among Us... to show us the way

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us...
[John 1:14]

Long back I had heard a story of a boy and his friends and this boy was very passionate about these friend. We would be wondering what is so special about this friend. You will understand when you will know that these friends were ANTS. Yes ants were his friends. He had no other friends apart from these ants, also he never played any other games apart from keeping watch on these ants when ever he is free. As soon as he come from school he would go to his behind his house where these ants stayed. One interesting thing he noticed in these ants were that they use to always go in line, and he would map in to the people who would go at all ways never in a line. These ants use to help each other, doesn't matter what they know each other they were all together. One day the boy saw that these ants were moving to a big pool of water. He realized that the ants (his friends) will soon go and die.He wanted to save them but did not knew how he can save them. He started shouting, which did not work. 

He then kept some obstacles on their way, but they went above of the obstacle. He could not find any option to make them stop. He could not even beat them to make them realize that they are going to the pool of water. Then one of his friend seeing him disturbed asked the reason. The boy said that he wanted to save the ants but could not get any success.  This friend who came asking said, that there is one option which can help the boy save his friends.... The boy was very eager to know the solution and asked his friend to explain the solution. His friend said that if he can become an ant then he can speak their language, he can communicate easily with the ants and help them save.

I felt this to be a Very interesting story, as I could relate this to something happened almost 2000 years ago... A baby was born in Bethlehem  in a manger. You would ask what so special about this baby.. This Baby was actually our Lord who came to this world like we all were born... as a baby. He lived the life we lived, and died for us only to save us and to convey the message similar to something the boy had tried to . This story is similar to the one I had mentioned earlier. Like the boy, our Lord loves us all and always keeps a watch on us to make sure we all are safe. We human beings don't realize this and lead a sinful life. This way of our life will lead only to destruction, and our Lord doesn't wanted us to be destroyed. He called us and did all that he could to help us understand, but we never listened. So the way he found to make us realize the mistake we are doing and to show us a way for to come and become one among us. He did this by coming to this world as we all came, became one like us, talk as we talked and made us know our mistakes and sins and tried to help us get saved.

All these he did because he loved us.. which is also written in the Bible in John 3:16.
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

We have still not been able to identify this Lord who loved us so much and whose main aim is and will be to see us saved. Accept this Lord into our lives and listen to his instruction to be saved. I pray that all those who will be reading this message will get the burden to be saved and receive our Lord Jesus Christ to your life and get a new and everlasting life.

Lord is Grace...

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