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A Lamp that burns and gives light to others

John was a lamp that burned and gave light, and you chose for a time to enjoy his light.
[John 5:35]

A Lamp is known to everyone especially in the interior villages where they cannot imagine a day without a lamp especially in the night times. Even to us in the cities also we have a revised version of lamp which we call as candles. Now a days power cut is a normal scenario, and if its during night times then the first thing we go look for is a candle or lamp if we have one. I remember my parents buying a small lamp model in my childhood. IT was very similar to the one we see in villages. It needed fuel (kerosene) to burn, which we use to fill everyday as we have power cut regularly.

The verse in context also talks about a lamp and the use of it especially the heat (burned) and vision (light) that others around that lamp got. Now based on the above explanations we can highlight few words which are Lamp, Light, Fuel and Night. All these are very common words and we in our daily life either experience or talk about it. Have we ever tried to link all these and understand the deeper knowledge and revelation that these words have in them. Let me try to help you understand as per my knowledge.

Lets start with night... When we think of night we picture a dark place with stars and moon. Basically its dark.. sometime pitch black. We cannot see anything unless we have a source of light. So light gives life to the place which would have been dark earlier. This light as per the context is our life and the darkness of the life of others around us. With our life and exmaples we put accross by our service ot others the light in us will spread to their life also.

Lamp as explained gives light out, and in the context of the verse it talk about John the baptist, who is been symbolized as a lamp. We are to take ourselves as a Lamp just as we had John the baptist. His aim in life was to spread the message and salvation through Jesus Christ. Lets pray that we also be a lamp giving out light to others.

Each and every lamp needs fuel without which it cannot do what its supposed to do, and any lamp of no use is usually thrown out to dump. In the same way we who plan to be lamps need fuel to charge ourselves, and this fuel is the word of God. If we don't have this fuel in us, which has to be a regular intake, we cannot do what a lamp is supposed to do. If we cannot do what we are supposed to do then, we as an individual has no purpose in this community.

Bible says in
        "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us." [John 1:14]
        "In him was life, and that life was the light of men." [John 1:4]

So by accepting Jesus (word that became flesh) in our life we get the fuel to be a lamp that gives light to others. Meditate of the word of God regularly, and get renewed energy and revelation to fulfill your purpose for the day. Pray that you be the lamp that light and not the lamp that goes to dump without any use. In the mean time we should also try to teach other how can they also be a lamp and light others by accepting Jesus Christ in our life.

Imagine a place or a room full of lamps shining bright. There will no place for darkness or problems around that place. Lets pray that this world of ours be filled with lamps across every place and let them light to light others, and this world will become a better place to live and prosper.

If you would like to receive Lord Jesus as your personal Savior, please check the Salvation Prayer page in this blog. It will help you pray to receive Jesus as your personal Savior.

Lord is Grace...

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